The tinypaws teacup objective is raising healthy, well socialized and family-centered teacup puppies. We have built a program around the love, care, training and happiness of our dogs!

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From Mr. Wang, New home for Fifi OMG I finally got my french bulldog. I special ordered her. After I paid the deposit for Tinypaws to look for a frenchie for me, I was so concerned that since I already paid 400 They will just find what ever dog and sell me or just simply disappear. Every day waiting for Them to find my dog I was worried and expecting to tell them no this is not what I want. 2 weeks later They contacted me found me a frenchi girl, when I saw the video they sent me, OMG this is exactly what I want, even better ! I was more than happy. I confirm with them I want this dog and named her Fifi. Today picking her up at The Airport was easier than I expected. Karen already told me everything that I need to do and had the air cargo agent called me. The agent told me all the details from where he located to what time I should be there. Karen also proved me all the detail information that I need to track my puppy. Everything was so easy. I already had some “wow” effect at the cargo office. All the workers asked me what is this dog? They have never seen a frenchi this small. And yes Fifi is tiny but super energetic ! She’s a perfect dog ! I don’t think I can get a better dog than her ! She looks healthy and strong at 4 month old ! Thank you Tinypaws teacup ! I had an amazing experience! If anyone wants a special dog, this is where to look for.

Kelvin Wang

From Dallas, USA

From Ms. Nguyen New home for Princess Peach First of all, the hardest part of the entire process was picking out which puppy I wanted since all of them are extremely adorable. After that everything was smooth sailing, you get all the info of the airline cargo, info how to take care of your pup and they we’re so helpful even after your puppy arrives. When I got her, she was extremely happy and you can tell she is so well behaved. She already trained to go pee on her pee mat, she doesn’t cry and she has the best personality! I couldn’t have asked for a more precious puppy than my Snow White! Thank you Tinypaws Teacup puppy.

Zasha Nguyen

From Toronto,CANADA

New Home for Cannoli I want to thank Tinypaws teacup Puppies, and their very helpful team for the best addition to my family. Cannoli is a beautiful, warm, and precious puppy. My dreams have come true when I received her. Cannoli is my first puppy from Tinypaws Teacup Puppies, but I will be back for a second. I recommend anyone to purchase from them, you won’t be disappointed.

Frank Wones

From New York,USA

From Mr.Perry, New home for Orange Caramel I received “Orange Caramel” and I must say I was reluctant on purchasing a puppy online and from so far away. I was concerned it would be a scam. Karen was so great throughout the process and always took the time even when I was so hesitant thinking it was a scam. I decided to take the chance and it all turned out great, he is PERFECT! I was worried about the flight but when he arrived he was wagging his tail and very happy! He is exactly as pictured and such an energetic, happy puppy! I am so in love with this puppy and so glad I worked with Tinypaws. I would highly recommend them to anyone! Thanks Tinypaws Teacup and a special thanks to Karen!

Jack Perry

From Maine,USA
From the moment I found them on Instagram to the moment that Milla was finally with us, the experience was perfect. Any questions that I had were answered in a timely manner. They really do care about where their pups end up. They make sure that the pups are compatible with your lifestyle (kids and home versus training or farm work). I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Milla is now with us and we’ve never been happier. My heart is overflowing with joy.


From Rochester,NY

We got our teacup yorkie from TPtinnypaws about a years ago and we couldn’t be more pleased! She is the best dog we have ever had! Can’t wait to see her new sister



From Wichita,KANSAS

Let me start by saying TPtinnypaws are by far the best breeder I have ever dealt with. From the time I started following them on FB I was very impressed and knew that I had to eventually have one of their puppies. Yes everyone thinks I’m crazy for traveling over 1200 miles for a puppy but believe me it is well worth it and I would do it again!!! Teddy is the perfect addition to our family and we couldn’t be happier.



From Branson,MISSOURI

Karen and Thoms are the experts in Teacup puppies! I recently brought home a healthy puppy from their Avenger litter. Karen and Thoms care for each and every puppy. I appreciated that they took the time to match the puppy to our family needs. We were fortunate enough to meet some of their other dogs (Dusty, Brie and Paris) and they are so well behaved. Karen has stayed in touch to check in our little guy! If you are interested in a Teacup Puppy- contact TPtinny paws and get your own perfect baby.



From Grand Rapids,MICHIGAN

Flin has been home with us for 10 days now and we are all so in love! Karen and Thoms put so much time and love into their animals. Flin came home crate comfortable and basically potty trained. And sitting to be pet and fed were both a bonus surprise. My adult kids will be returning to get their pups from TPtinny paws



From Nashville,TN

I had an amazing experience with TPtinny paws. They were very helpful and informative on what to expect with my new little family member. From my very first moments with Finn I could see all the care and time that went into their puppies. He has such a great personality and I am so happy to have him in our family! I definitely recommend TPtinny paws to anyone looking to add a new beautiful and brilliant fur baby to their family!



From Denver,COLORADO

We HIGHLY recommend purchasing a pup from TPtinny paws! We just welcomed a new pup into our home this week and couldn’t be happier! We were sent updated pictures and video. Karen and Thoms are so nice and easy to work with! If you want a beautiful, well socialized pup, then TPtinny paws is for you!




A few months after loosing my first teacup puppy I found TPtinny paws. Several things attracted me to this breeder, such as the quality and the beauty of all their Teacup puppies as well as the loving environment in which they are raised! After choosing our puppy from one of their recent litters, Thoms made the entire process a pleasant one! From answering numerous questions to providing us with a list of recommended products and completing the process with a smooth delivery of our new puppy! I highly recommend TPtinny paws as a high quality breeder!




TPtinny paws is the absolute best breeder/family I could have ever asked for when getting a puppy. I am so grateful that I chose them for my very first pup of my own! They were extremely helpful since the first moment I contacted them, chose the perfect pup for me, and I can’t say how happy I am to have found them and my puppy! I highly recommend TPtinny paws to anyone who is looking for a Teacup puppy!


From Quebec,CANADA