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Maltipoo profile

Life expectancy: 12 to 15 years
Size: up to 35cm
Weight: 3 to 10 kg
Character: Docile, happy, friendly, curious (however, the character of hybrid dogs cannot be completely predicted; the decisive factor is the nature of the parents)
Origin: USA
What is a Maltipoo?
The Maltipoo is a cross between a Poodle and a Maltese and is therefore a so-called hybrid dog. It is possible to cross the Maltese with a Toy, Miniature or Small Poodle. The breed is becoming increasingly popular in Germany because it is generally advertised as robust and allergy-friendly. However, the largest cynological umbrella organization (FCI) does not recognize them.
Character and essence
As a rule, the characteristics of the parents appear in the Maltipoo:
Owners and breeders describe him as a happy, curious, bright and docile dog.
With good socialization, the small dog breed gets along well with its peers, other animals and children.
If you get involved with him, the Maltipoo will happily become your loyal, friendly and affectionate companion who seeks and appreciates a relationship with you at all times.
UNCARED: The Maltipoo behaves rather aloof towards strangers and sometimes the breed tends to bark a certain way. You should also keep in mind that, contrary to what is often said, not only the positive characteristics of the parents are passed on. Even if many breeders and owners would like it to be that way, hybrid dogs are by no means “super dogs”.
Education and attitude
Especially in view of the character traits that are difficult for you to assess, you should train your Maltipoo consistently:
Excessive harshness is not appropriate when training your small dog and could damage his trust in you in the long term. A loving approach, on the other hand, lays the pillars for a trustworthy basis.
See yourself as a confident and reliable partner at your Maltipoo's side.
Above all, pay attention to a well-developed recall and good impulse control and make sure that walking on a loose leash works without any problems.
During puppyhood, you should take your Maltipoo out every 2 to 3 hours to house train him. Also teach him to calm down. Specially designed courses at a good dog school can also help you.
Just because your Maltipoo is a small dog doesn't mean he doesn't have a need for exercise and exercise. Because he is an agile, eager-to-learn dog who likes to go outside even in rain and sub-zero temperatures.
If you don't pay enough attention to your Maltipoo's coat, its fur will become matted:
It would be a misjudgment to think that non-shedding dogs don't need grooming.
You'll need to comb and trim your Maltipoo's wavy, ruffled, or curly coat regularly.
Every now and then you should bathe the small dog with dog shampoo to care for his coat. However, avoid bathing too often so as not to strain the natural protection of his skin.
Care also includes claw care, regular check-ups at the vet, deworming, vaccinations and dental care. Try to get your Maltipoo used to having its claws trimmed and regular brushing while it's still a puppy.
You should give your Maltipoo high-quality dog food tailored to his individual needs so that he can develop into a healthy four-legged friend. Since both the Maltese and the Poodle can be picky, a mixed diet of dry and wet food is recommended for the Maltipoo. Also give him chewing items, such as beef scalp, several times a week for dental care and activity.
Divide the daily food ration into at least two meals to ease the strain on your dog's digestive tract. In addition, avoid that he becomes overweight or is not supplied with important nutrients. futalis therefore creates an individual dog food for your dog, which our team of veterinarians adapts exactly to its needs.
The perfect family dog for beginners?
Although the Maltipoo is considered a “beginner dog”, you should not underestimate the amount of time you have to invest with him:
Even small dog breeds need regular exercise, mental activity and sufficient social contact. As long as your Maltipoo meets the health requirements, it is open to shared activities such as tricks, nose work, basic obedience, Hoopers Agility or hiking tours.
Maltipoos are not suitable as guard dogs that more or less do their own thing. They love being with their caregivers. If you have to leave a Maltipoo alone for more than 4 to 6 hours a day (after the adjustment period in puppyhood, in which you only gradually get your puppy used to being alone), we advise you to do so